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PowerControl Services (Australia) P/L are specialists in servicing and testing, gas leak and other repairs to Yorkshire YSF6 Circuit Breakers. We can provide replacement YSF6 gas gauge kits, gas re-filling services and mechanism overhauls.

PowerControl Services (Australia) P/L can provide equipment for Yorkshire YSF6 switchgear, such as replacement voltage transformers, coils and retrofit protection relays.

The YSF6 product was introduced worldwide in 1982. The circuit breaker is based on arc quenching technology, using sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6) as the quenching medium. Manufacturing of the original units ceased in 2001.

Whilst the Yorkshire YSF6 product has been in service for over 30 years, the circuit breakers are robust and will provide many years of reliable service if well maintained. Like any electro-mechanical device, regular visual inspections and maintenance is highly recommended to ensure this equipment operates at its optimum performance and remains serviceable. An additional benefit of regular servicing is it will help extend the life of your medium voltage installation and protect operating personnel.

Low gas and gas leakage issues are a problem for older YSF6 circuit breakers. Due to the use of rubber lined hose and seals used in the gas front fill device, these gas issues are prevalent. Replacement gas kits and gauges are available.

Mechanism operating issues, such as closing through problems, can occur due to worn or damaged roller cage and bearings. These issues can be fixed with a major mechanism overhaul.

Inspection and service of the primary contacts requires a full overhaul. This specialist work involves recovering the SF6 gas, splitting the tank moulding, inspection or replacement of the primary contact sets depending on their condition, rebuilding and refilling the tank moulding.

As part of our high voltage service package, PowerControl Services (Australia) P/L can recommend maintenance programs for this equipment, taking into account equipment operating conditions and duty cycles. Service levels relate to the number of operations the circuit breakers have performed and the frequency of previous maintenance.

We can supply complete circuit breaker trucks, spare parts and most accessories, we can source and supply most parts.