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etc12Q Relays

Retrofit Tripping System for MasterPact™ Circuit Breakers


The etc-12 Q-series retrofit system is designed to replace obsolete solid state tripping systems on OEM power circuit breakers. Upgrading with the etc-12 Qseries allows for the utilization of modern controls and safety features without significant downtime or expense.

The Q-series is designed to provide basic LSIG type protective functions. Advanced features such as Zone Interlocks must be special ordered and may not be plug-in compatible with systems supplied with original equipment. The etc-12 Section II manual provides detailed instructions for
setting up and testing these units.

These instructions are intended to serve as guidelines to individuals with circuit breaker maintenance experience to install the etc- 12 Q.series trip unit to replace Schneider / Merlin Gerin / Square D STR-28D™, STR38S™ or STR-58U™ control units on the following MasterPact™ breakers:

MP08 H1   MP08 H2   MC08 N1
MP12 H1   MP12 H2   MC16 N1
MP16 H1   MP16 H2
MP20 H1   MP20 H2
MP25 H1   MP25 H2
MP30 H1   MP30 H2
MP40 H1   MP40 H2
MP50 H1   MP50 H2
MP63 H1   MP63 H2

Kit installation requires familiarity with circuit breaker operation and maintenance, careful workmanship and compliance with
all instructions.

The conversion requires removal of the existing trip unit and its replacement with the etc-12 Q-series. In this application, the original current sensors, flux trip actuator, and breaker wiring is utilized. The installation can be completed in approximately 15 minutes after which, the breaker must be fully performance tested.

Each kit is supplied with all of the necessary materials to upgrade the circuit breaker. In the special instance where a breaker is applied with  ground fault protection on a 4-wire system, an additional neutral sensor, copper details and secondary disconnects may be required. The etc-12Q.series is compatible with residual “Type T” ground fault protection. If the application requires a direct-sense, “Type W” scheme, the etc-12Q.sereis must be specially configured at the factory. Refer to the etc-12Q.sereis Section II manual for more information.

Note that this retrofit kit is not intended to increase the interrupting capacity of a breaker. The converted breaker must be applied within its original short-circuit ratings.

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