Earth System Testing

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Earth System Testing

Earth system installations are variable and can be complex, as the earthing system needs to correlate to the electrical installation’s size, its capacity and integration to other systems. Therefore, earthing system performance is critical. As a facility and maintenance manager, it is important to have these systems regularly tested.

An installation’s electrical earthing system affects the magnitude and distribution of fault currents through the electrical system, and the effects it creates on plant, equipment and people within proximity of the fault.

PowerControl Services can help you make the right choice with designing earthing systems that meet these issues and ensure that you meet industry requirements and safety regulations.

Earth system testing services we provide:

  • Soil resistivity testing
  • Earth Potential Rise measurement
  • Step, touch and reach potential measurement
  • Earth grid continuity
  • Earthing system design

From a maintenance perspective, constantly changing soil conditions may degrade the earthing system that has been installed to protect your installation and personnel. Soil conditions such as salt and moisture contents, high ground temperatures and corrosion can degrade earthing electrodes and their connections.

Make the right choice today by calling PowerControl Services for comprehensive earth system testing and make it a part of your electrical maintenance management plan.