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Transformer Services

Transformers are one of the most expensive and critical components in any power system. Transformer condition monitoring and ongoing maintenance is of paramount importance to the reliably of your sites power supply and the longevity of the plant.

Some of the transformer services we can provide:

  • Oil sampling
  • Analytical services:
    • Dissolved Gas Analysis
    • Oil quality testing such as dielectric strength, moisture, acidity
    • Furan (DPv)
    • Kraft paper testing
    • Particle profile
    • Resistivity
    • Polychlorinated biphenyl’s (PCB)
    • Tap changer specific tests
  • Testing, commissioning and maintenance services:
    • Insulation resistance
    • Ratio tests
    • Winding resistance
    • DLA (Dielectric Loss angle)
    • Oil leak repairs
    • Ancillary protection and monitoring device inspections and testing, such as temperature, pressure and Bucholtz devices
    • Regular inspection programs

PowerControl Services can provide accurate and timely advice on the condition of your transformer assets. Our extensive range of services will ensure serviceability and transformer reliability.