High Voltage Switchboard Testing

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High Voltage Switchboard Testing

High & Low Voltage Switchgear and Switchboard Testing Services

Our clients depend on PowerControl Services to provide quality installation, testing and servicing of high and low voltage equipment with dependable technical knowledge and testing facilities.

Our services include:

  • Switch / circuit breaker insulation & contact resistance testing
  • Switchboard inspection and testing
  • Switchboard maintenance
  • Switch primary contact timing
  • Switchboard and circuit breaker interlock safety checks
  • Circuit breaker trip and close coil min-op tests
  • DLA (dielectric loss angle) tests
  • AC Hipot tests

Protection relay testing

If your site has transformers, switchboards and other electrical plant such as large motors, protection relays will also be present.

Protection relays are like an electronic fuse, it is the ‘always on’ component monitoring and controlling a critical switch or a high current circuit breaker.

These devices are critical components of your power system, because these relays and associated control systems serve to protect your expensive electrical infrastructure, equipment and site personnel. Additionally, these protection systems protect the local distribution network which supplies your site, by isolating internal faults that could potentially cause huge disruption to that upstream network.

A modern protection relay can be a very sophisticated, micro-processor controlled device, packed full of electronics. Relays are connected to external sensor devices which provide the information that is required for them to operate. When in service, a protection relay usually does absolutely nothing, but when it detects a fault, the relay must wake up, react and signal the circuit breaker to operate, all typically in milliseconds.

Relay testing confirms the relay and external sensor devices are operational, that the relay is functioning correctly within its setting parameters and that it is communicating with the switch or circuit breaker that it is monitoring.

PowerControl Services has the experience to test these systems, where correct, consistent operation, as well as ongoing reliability is of paramount importance.

  • Primary injection testing
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Relay calibration services
  • Relay retrofit and replacement services